Perhaps we all are passing through a time zone in which day and night are competing with each other and perhaps interacting too: ” Let us see, who is scarier. “. I feel this is the toughest version of the time, the earth and our generation are witnessing. As per the pace of the pandemic, It seems it will be the biggest history when future generations will scroll down the pages of their school books. Not only the biggest but scary too.
Perhaps nature is treating us in reciprocation in the same manner as we were treating her. This is the time wherein we should bow down in front of nature and apologize by reciting the poem below.

I am dedicating this poem to the Universe and apologize by kneeling down.   

Natural Resources


|| We come from the heart of the earth.
And sparkle out like heaven.
We are not diamonds or any other forces||

||We the natural resources
Act as hidden forces
All you living creatures
Cannot understand our sources||

||If you want to live more
Never waste us and never ignore
We are the enablers of life
Without us, you will strife||
||You have generations only when
When we are standing by you then
You can have good grains
When clouds throw good rains ||

||We the natural resources
Act as hidden forces
Do not waste us violently
Our absence kills silently|| 

||You are having nap
When we are offering you our Lap
This Earth is like a Heaven
If you will waste us
Survival is impossible||
||We are giving shelter to animals
For reason, that you can enjoy carnivals.
We’ve bequeathed you continents
To make us pertinent||
||We’ve given you oceans
To keep you in motion
We’ve created brooks
Do not spoil and rook ||

||We the natural resources
Act as hidden forces
Butterflies have colors
To enable you to identify pallor||

||We’ve given you light
To make your future bright
We’ve given you water
Water is a potion
It puts life in motion ||
||Woods are not only trees
They give you life for free
Envisage your life without us
How will you live and grow
Life without trees will barricade.
How will you get oxygen for free? ||

||We the natural resources
Act as hidden forces
Though we set in night
To make you rise in perfect light ||

||We have variations
For your standardization
We partake for life
To make you inhabit and don’t strife||
||We resolute while in motion
To avoid your commotion
You should love, care and respect us
You should work for our promotion ||

||We the natural resources
Act as hidden forces
When you wake up 
Life is rake up || 

||Don’t take us for granted
 We can do whatever is wanted||
||If you’ll waste us and ignore
How’ll you get almonds, walnuts, and diamonds? 
How will you get sea shells on the sea shore? 
How will you teach your kids to run for more?||

||We the natural resources are howling
And developing the swirling storm inside
Now this you who have to take care
Before the swirling storm comes outside || 

||Don’t conceal your feel
Have determination and commitment
You’ll love us and make us pertinent ||

Human being understands and pleads

||“Oh My God! Oh Thou Natural resources
We respect thy hidden forces
We promise on behalf of entire humanity
We’ll love, care and respect thee” ||

                      © Rajesh Walecha-

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