We had started our life from the woods. Initially, the only target we set for ourselves was to hunt food. Slowly this hunger had expanded its horizon so wide that it has started eating upon our ‘happiness’ the quintessential part of our life.

Every moment new trends are emerging, Population is huge, everyone around has his way of living life. We start chasing these trends this is the major glitch for the scarcity of happiness in our life.

Remember life is a phenomenon, not a process. The Phenomenon cannot be altered whereas the process can be.

Image by Hope Valiente from Pixabay
Image by Hope Valiente from Pixabay
We have been blessed with life

Do not worry and strife with haltered

Trends and friends are bubbles

Searching for more will put you in trouble

Life likes simplicity

Live gracefully with ethnicity

Simplicity is not as simple as we think it to be

Have a simple vision is the rule for thee

Everything is simple in this universe

It becomes complex when we decode it for more

See things as they are; not as you want to explore

We have been blessed with life

Do not rag it with others' swag

You have your chirpiness

That exists in everything starting from an ant to a birds' nest

That is Happiness, Happiness, Happiness, and Happiness

©Rajesh Walecha

Be Happy Always!


Featured Image Courtesy : Pete Linforth from Pixabay





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