Do not load worries in your brain because happiness lives there. I usually tell this to my brain everyday rather every-moment categorically when I have face off with worries. I know these worries will not free me even in my graveyard.

Actually, these worries are not meant for us and not even are willing to exert our happiness. Universe is a silhouette and it is visible apparently when we display it on the brightest frequency of it which is happiness counting this way it creates life.

Image by Firas Samir from Pixabay
Image by Firas Samir from Pixabay
So dark; so deep

Anything; anywhere can peep

we are not here for compilation of unworthy things

like every evening what we bring in

We are not here to quench our lust

while we see the physical beauty, it bursts

In the deep and dark universe

we are the light to give the meaning to its edges.

“Hold the brightest frequency which is happiness otherwise darkness is very deep and infinite.”

© Rajesh Walecha

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