The whole universe works on frequencies and we are the bio-transmitters of this frequency. Whatever we think, it gets manifested in infinite folds.

Universe is a magical and powerful living entity. This has infinite possibilities and works on variations. As we all know nothing is stable in this universe everything variates. These variations are responsible for life to come in existence and enjoy the cherubic planet ‘The Earth’

“Life needs only happiness to exist; nothing else.” 

Life does not know what is money, luxury and richness. It is our brain which segregates and relates all these things to happiness because our body is made of the earthy material and hence our brain too.

On the other side life is a heavenly energy which attains body to enjoy universal variations with tangible feel.

As per me; whatever shape is visible is a living entity because every shape is bounded by energy and every shape is searching happiness as per the nature of the earthy material it is bounded by.

Image by Jean-Louis SERVAIS from Pixabay
Image by Jean-Louis SERVAIS from Pixabay

Hence earthy material will push you towards material things for happiness and on the contrary heavenly energy will push you to heavenly variations to attain happiness. This stretch between the two leads to sadness.

Whenever you feel sad just give a look to yourself and observe what do you want. Is it material or heavenly variations? After this tune your frequency accordingly to feel happiness.

The moment you will start doing this your life will be a fortunate stroke of serendipity and of-course you will have whimsical life full of happiness.

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