© Rajesh Walecha

The moment he finishes his muttering that giant like ape communicates with him in English “No your story is not over; it has started now and lot many happening you’ll see and give loud laugh Ha! Ha! Ha! Your scanner. Let me see how long you can scan.

Image by Dirk Rabe from Pixabay
Image by Dirk Rabe from Pixabay

Franco is looking at them, they are marching ahead towards him. He is scared, does not have any option to escape, tries to close his eyes so that he can scan his exit. The moment he does so; the leader ape shouts “You cannot do this and asks his gang mates to distort his concentration. Gang mates make some bizarre sound of high vibrations with their vocal cords. That sound vibrates so sharply which forces Franco to close his ears with his hands, but during all this he does not open his eyes and what he saw mesmerized him. He could see that he has infinite dimensions and unlimited powers.


Image by Parker_West from Pixabay
Image by Parker_West from Pixabay


He finds himself floating inside the nebula but surrounded by some human like horses those who were communicating with each other in the language which is like English. The moment he opened his eyes and found himself in the middle of the Human like horses and all of them were worshiping and welcoming him like their King. They offered him throne to perform holy rituals to make him pure.


How he will escape….  



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