©Rajesh Walecha

He danced so tirelessly but happened nothing and fell down on floor in an unconscious stage. All of a sudden, he woke up and what he saw was first mesmerizing but slowly and slowly becoming scary. What he saw while returned back to his consciousness that his body is moving upward on some escalator which is in the sky and he is far away from Earth.

He stood up and tried to see down towards the earth, the moment he tried to do that, suddenly a big rock passed by with an uncanny sound. He was about to shout, suddenly a huge blue color ring passes close to him and starts revolving around him with a bizarre sound.

Image by Alexander Antropov from Pixabay
Image by Alexander Antropov from Pixabay

He started feeling like now no one can save him, his story is over by now. All of a sudden, he recalls his quality of scanning. He thought may be scanning ability of his brain can help him to come out of this situation. The moment he closes his eyes, the shutter of that blue ring opens and a different creature along with his team resembling apes come out and speak something in his own language like “oopa summa taka” which means stop this nonsense of scanning.

Image by Fruity-Paws from Pixabay
Image by Fruity-Paws from Pixabay

The challenge before him neither he was able to understand their language and nor he was able to tell through his gesture. All of sudden he mutters within himself ‘Franco your story is over, no one can save you now. The moment he finishes his muttering that giant like ape communicates with him in English “No your story is not over, it has started now and lot many happening you’ll see and give loud laugh Ha! Ha! Ha! Your scanner. Let me see how long you can scan.

How he will escape…..  

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