© RajeshWalecha

A man who was keen observer having a habit of observing everything swiftly. He was well qualified but unemployed hence was not happy. He was not aware that he has quality of scanning the things deeply once seen. One day he was sitting in his room and was enjoying his drinks with music. Abruptly he decided to dance and started the dance. While dancing he closed his eyes; during dance with closed eyes he saw he is on the top of the sky touching building and when he opened his eyes he was on the top of the building in real. When he shook his head with perception that it might be his illusion but he was wrong, it was absolutely real. Now he did not have any escape and question was how to escape. He thought may be dancing can take him back, he started but unfortunately happened nothing. All of a sudden during dance his brain showed him that there is one locket which could help him to escape, it has one button the moment he will push the button there will be an airplane which would help him to take him to airport on the Earth to escape. He started again and suddenly it started raining; he got wet due to which his brain stopped scanning. He danced so tirelessly but happened nothing and fell down on floor in an unconscious stage.

How he will escape…..  

Image by Public Co from Pixabay
Image by Public Co from Pixabay

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