The Earth feeds us everyday from her breast; kisses us with the help of her arms of air; helps us to shine by putting sunlight on us. I do not know; why we are so selfish and how can we be so selfish? Why don’t we take care of our Mother Earth who is caring for us every second and moment?

My heart cries when someone throws garbage on her beautiful face, paints her face with pollutions of fuels and smelt her for his greedy deeds.

She had offered her lap made up of soil for our growth, how we can forget she has helped us to grow.

Some time I feel she is crying and asking  this:

Oh, My Son; can you help me

Trees are my lungs

Mountains are heart

Oceans are my blood

Oh, My Son; 

Take oath to never destroy

any mountain, ocean or tree

otherwise it would be tough

for me to enable life for free

Stop your act of smelting

Can't you see I'm melting

If I will vanish 

to whom will you go

and who will offer you his lap to grow.

Can you help me; oh, my son

it is not global warming

I am going and giving you warning

save me to save you

 © Rajesh Walecha

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay
Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

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