Life is moving between two parallel lines. I felt this while driving to my office in the morning. This was giving me a tangible feel as if I am living in the galaxy of time adorned with trees, flowers, animals and birds around. These two parallel lines were sky and the Earth.

I started surfing on this thought deeply; The moment I started surfing various thoughts attacked and were giving me a feel of tsunami of thoughts: they were like this; may be this is a vacuum of time I have entered, I’m experiencing life, fulfilling my wishes and desires. Once done with all this may be, I’ll exit this time zone. Suddenly, I focused on horizon and concluded these two parallel lines can create an illusion of horizon only whereas it does not exist in reality. The next question was why they create illusion, what is the reason for this illusion? I was thinking all this while enjoying music in my car. All of a sudden one answer popped up in my mind; if you’ll see more than required for your life or beyond your limits there will always be an illusion.

Image by Himara Rodriguez from Pixabay
Image by Himara Rodriguez from Pixabay

Immediately the philosopher corelated the concept with brain and heart replacing brain with sky and heart with the earth; these two are also parallel lines and perhaps the little and holy soul exist between the two. Similarly, as body exist between Sky and the Earth; they also create illusion and the name of the illusion is ‘Fear’. I got it when we see future more than required for our life it creates illusion called ‘Fear’.

Hence the conclusion was The Sky and The Earth creates the illusion of Horizon; similarly Brain and Heart creates illusion of Fear and the solution is do not look and think more than required for life or beyond your limits.

See, think within limits required for ‘happy life’ and be happy.

The moment I concluded; reached my office and lived my day happily working on this philosophy.



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