All the discoveries and inventions are keeping us busy. We have forgotten all the basic and vital treasure lying in the chest of the earth. Today; we are riding on the ‘Technological Horse’ which we have started but we do not know how to stop it.

While riding this horse it has automatically increased its race and we do not know where is the accelerator to control it. The consequences of this horse ride are:

  • It is eating upon all the relationships.
  • It is galloping all the emotions.
  • It is erasing all the moral values.
  • It is vanishing the line of limit between the generations.
  • It is tough to decide whether life is riding on horse or horse is riding on life
|| It is advisable to sit directly on the horse' saddle

If one wants to control it and handle.

This horse is neither black nor white

It shines and runs at the speed of light

It has started its ride

No one is able to handle though holding it tight ||

No one knows whether it'll stop or gallop...              ©Rajesh Walecha


Image by studiovisit from Pixabay
Image by studiovisit from Pixabay

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