Its bullying and of course no one is applying mind to come out of this trap. I do not know who started this race and named it “success.” This race is galloping huge talent across the globe, forcing people to underestimate themselves. People start counting themselves as failure and sometime come into the grip of stress, depression and hypertension.

I  am trying to take people out of this trap named as “Success”; it is an artificial battle created by humans themselves just for the sake of making money out of it and nothing else.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

To win this artificial battle we’re spending ours self as well as our life. If we cannot win anything or cannot do any thing right now that does not mean we can not do it in future. Maybe we can do it much better.

History and time have witnessed big failures of scientists and people around the globe which later on turned into a blessing for the entire race of human being.

I’ll suggest do not do things for success rather do them for the sake of doing so that you can learn something new out of them and keep yourself happy always with the view that you have done something new.



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