|| Let us Play our part like a hero

Everything was same before our arrival

Will be same after our departure

stress is for ‘to rupture’||

Those who have not faced failure in life are just passing their time on the stage of it. Those who fail, are only trying new things. Life is a game, where we and time are sitting across the table. Once we play our dice, it is of course sure our move will be encountered by time. If our move is in the direction of time, we will win but if it is inverse, we will lose.

Image by FotoRieth from Pixabay
Image by FotoRieth from Pixabay 

Usually people feel stressed when they lose and it is a big glitch which wastes their efforts. What I suggest here there is no any action which goes waste, rather it produces something that may be as per our expectations and sometimes not; when it is not just observe what it has produced and preserve it in the bank of your experience and apply it at the right time; you’ll see it has produced mega success for you.

||You are the hero of your life

do not allow anyone to pity on you

no one is like you and no one can be you

He has sent you here with all your due||


Are You…?

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