The race to acquire non living things by the living beings; puts me in surprise and forces me to ponder upon “Life is running towards death (non living things) or death (non living things ) is attracting life.”

The thought above, of course, looks like as if someone got mad while thinking. However it is true. Just look around and observe; everyone is applying almost every tactic to attract the material thing of his choice with a view that if he’ll not be able to achieve then it is over.

pi-1458972_1920 (1)
Image by MoneyforCoffee from Pixabay

It seems as non living things are acting as fulcrum of life. Everyone is chasing them with lots of selfishness without caring about the cost.

You’ll be surprised by knowing the cost of this chase. The cost of this chase is “Life”. We’re spending our life for attaining these material non living things.

Life is twirled around the golden ratio hence enjoy it.

Our chase should be subjected to ‘Happiness’ not for ‘Pleasure’. When we chase material non living things they merely give us pleasure. When we live our life with natural beauty it gives us ‘Happiness’.

Adopt Happiness and Avoid Pleasure.



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