The big secret of life and universe is; both exist in frequencies.

art-113225_1920 (1)
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

People around the world drink potion or do physical exercise to detox and keep their body healthy but what about brain.

Most of us are affected by toxic thoughts though we know thoughts are real despite that we do not care for them; we just avoid by merely giving them noun as ‘negative Thoughts’

Understand our success and failure is dependent on thoughts in absolute terms. Hence when your brain is invaded by negative thoughts do not take them lightly because they are toxic frequencies.

We can avoid toxic frequencies by:

  1. Practicing Silence
  2. Change the mode of thinking.
  3. Do not accept the toxic frequency
  4. Avoid fear
  5. Practice Happiness

Toxic Frequencies exist in universe as byproduct of negative thinking by millions of people around. Avoid these frequencies by keeping yourself cool and calm.

Remember our thoughts are responsible for extension of universe. Hence always adopt Positive Frequencies and succeed.




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