Life is a mystery; for some life is in the shell and for some life starts after breaking the shell. Those who like shell dies if born without it whereas those who want to break it cannot live if unable to break.

Metamorphosis is the law of life. Life does not exist in the same form and prefers variations. We being part of it resist variations rather stick to one situation which gives us pleasure and comfort. Hence,we believe in repetition of the situation on the other side life believes in flow.

bird-1045954_1920 (1)
Image by homecare119 from Pixabay

Preferably We look at others’ situations and try to imitate in our life to make it the way we have perceived it which is the real glitch.

Instead of imitating others we should follow the flow of our life and should adorn it with our efforts to make it unique.

“What you can do no one else can do”

Draw your life.


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