Life comes in her way; this is up to you how you choose and shape it.

You just go out and try to question as many people you want, asking them:

“Are you happy?” I am sure you’ll not find one, who can answer ‘YES’ to you.Isn’t it amazing?

Go to the beach on some weekend and just observe people; you’ll find them dancing, screaming and jumping. I’d suggest; go to them and ask “Are you Happy? Some of them may say ‘Yes’ out of mere pressure and some of them may say “We’re searching happiness” and others may say,that they never bother about it.

We perceive that a person is happy when we watch him cheering out loud, enjoying luxury and dancing.

home-2961392_1920 (1)
Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay
|| Which way shall I adopt to achieve thee 
   can thou make me happy or shall I make happy thee
   I am coming to thou with a kiss of birth
   It's up to you whether you win the hearts or hurt

|| A new life in the woods
   world was happy with one more addition around
   asking everyone to find the name that sounds good||

|| Baby grows with the perception of chattel
   Showing his aggression with a rattle
   pacing through his way to acquire accoutrements
   Sees nothing around while in the race||

|| One fine day, he faces the mirror
   who are you; asks the baby
   I declare the reality, "beauty with the grace
   that brings happiness on your face" ||

|| "Happiness, what's that?" asks the baby,
   "When you give more than you acquire
   when you sacrifice your desires
   Happiness may seem; but may not prevail
   Until you spread it like the light of a sapphire"||

|| "World calls it success when one acquires & desires more
   You count it when I sacrifice more
   Which way should I adopt?" 
   "Not the crown, diamonds or earthly possession can make you happy 
   Happiness is in simplicity not in complexity"|| 

|| You can be happy right here and right now||

   © Rajesh Walecha


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