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We all are aspired to dominate,one way or the other we wish to dominate.This urge of domination leads to comparison and stress.


This is surprising why we wish to dominate, whereas we do not know the beginning and end of the universe.Nothing is in our control, when I’m saying nothing means nothing.If you’re not convinced just tell me can we control day and night,dusk and dawn,winter and summer? Forget this, can we control our age, our mind,our heart?When we can not control any damn thing then how can we plan to dominate.


I’ve one secret to share with you, our holy universe asks us every-morning,what do you want my child?Instead of asking for good things we start running on endless road and think this way we can control the whole world and universe keeps calling on our back just like our mother; whatever you want is there in my hand…

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8 thoughts on “The Battle For Dominance

  1. Great post. There are two things in our control – our thinking and our actions. It’s true the rules of the game are set, but the outcomes achievable vary greatly based on thought and action within the game.

    I’ve always pondered the interesting question. Is the game really out of our control? On this level, the answer is surely yes. On another level, we may be the game creators and this is what we do to experience the varieties of existence.

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    1. Thank you so much Ray! Absolutely true, actions and thoughts have prominent effect on us. They can create the game, despite of that the game is still not in our control. This game has been running since our inception.
      I am glad you like it.

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    1. Thank you so much! I am glad I was able to connect through my writing.
      Yes, absolutely right sometimes the most reliable way to surpass the challenge is to leave it to the Lord’s way. I am glad you like the post.

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