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Why so much of stress,chasing,worries,hypertension and tears? What we want to prove and to whom? There is only one objective of everyone’s life and that is “Happiness”.

Happiness is not available on any grocer’s shop.Okay ! just ask yourself right now;are you really happy? If answer to your question is ,yes, Feel blessed and enjoy your happiness.If answer to your question is ,No; retrospect yourself.

We’re blessed with following powers

  1. Power to feel happy.
  2. Imagination Power.
  3. Calibration Power.
  4. Determination power.


We use almost all powers within us but one power we do not use up-to its full potential that is determination power.It is such a gift to us with which we can convert our imagination into reality.With the use of this power we can reach our ultimate goal of happiness.

Keep searching your goal with determination power; you’ll definitely find it .

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