What will be your reaction if you enter the room; people sitting there tell you their rules for to live happily in that room like standing beside chair,looking outside the window and acting your way is not allowed.If you’ll not follow the rules you’ll not be lucky. What will you do?

Will you accept their rules?

Will you scream ” WHY ME?”

Will you innovate and make your standpoint a trend?

4 thoughts on “How to be unpopular in the ‘WHY ME’ world…

  1. If it were me, it’s likely that no one would talk to me. Just look passively. I would probably wave and smile nervously and wonder why in a room with people who love to tell others what to do go mute in my presence. 😝😬

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    1. I agree! We, unfortunately, live in a world where people love to tell others ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to’. It would surely be a matter of astonishment, if a room full of people ditches that habit suddenly. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion. Really means a lot.🙂

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