He missed the way back to his home and was in deep dense forest.It was deep dark,whispering sound of air was there. Dangerous alien creatures were making bizarre sound. He was feeling like it is the last day of his life. But when he got out from it and scrambled up near the road. He felt happiness all around.

Once again he found himself in the concrete woods,once again there was a race of machines which were exuding black smoke and there was smog around despite that he was feeling happy. He was not having any money in his pocket and was feeling hungry. In defiance of all these challenges he was happy.

In the concrete woods there was no alien creature and no bizarre sound still it was scary, because there was no tree to give fruits for free, everything was exchanged with money , even money was exchanged for money. People were running for power,money and status.

Now he was puzzled which wood was scary, where life is challenged or the concrete woods where he is standing right now. One thing is common in both the woods is a race to defeat hunger.

In real woods the rule is ‘Life for Life’ and in concrete woods the rule is ‘Enable Life By Exchanging Money.’ In both the cases happiness vanishes and everyone starts running for life.

After facing these two situations ‘HE’ started contemplating the two aspects:

IMAGE COURTESY-pixabay.com
  • Life For Life : In woods, the rule was life for life, he who is a good hunter will be happy and hunters work in group over there.To save life is the major cause of stress.
  • Enable Life By Exchanging Money: In concrete woods the rule is to pay money and enable life and for paying money one has to earn money. To earn and save money is the  major cause of stress.

He was baffled, when he escaped the real woods then why he was happy; he felt he was happy because he got his life back. He felt the major reason was to feel happy was life not the money.

If this is all around the point arises ; who can be happy and how one can be happy?


||If objective of life is clear
every moment is lovely and dear
Nerves are strong enough
To stand by the fear||

||Fear is only a hallucination
Which generates nervous sensation
Puts the heart in rapid pulsation
Generates hormonal frustration ||

||Who is happy
are the words of 'HE'
who maintains the equilibrium
between tense and intense||

||How to be happy
are the words of 'HE'
Who lives in every situation
with the strong mindset and without infatuation||

©-Rajesh Walecha-

Now I am sure you’d be pondering upon; Who is ‘HE’ in this story. We all are ‘HE’ in this story who keep on fighting within tense and intense with infatuations sometime and with sensation other time.


The real objective of Life is ‘HAPPINESS’. Be Happy always.



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