I visited a garden along-with my parents and granny when I was a kid,they showed me some beautiful lilies in the garden. Next day, when I went there with my granny, the lilies were not there. I was a bit baffled and was pondering upon; “Were my parents lying?” If not, then where are those lilies. Was that an illusion? I asked my granny,”Was that an illusion?” She said, “No,that was true, lilies were there!”

What is truth ?truth

A very deep question indeed, I asked this question to people around me and across the world and got various responses.

 There was one very bizarre response – ‘He who wins is truth’ but I was not satisfied with this answer, because sometimes demon also wins.

Now my point is

If life is truth; what is death?

If Mountains are truth; what are valleys?

If roads are truth; what are dead ends?

If Universe is truth; what is infinity?

If fire is truth; what is water?

If pleasure is truth; what is pain?

If beauty is truth; what is ugliness?

If success is truth;what is failure?

If ‘what is’ is truth; what is ‘what is not’?

Of course the simple answer to all above questions is they are also truth. But it does not end here, if death, valleys, dead ends, infinity, water, pain and ugliness are truth then why we’re scared from them.On the contrary if Life, Mountains, Roads, Universe, Fire, pleasure, beauty and success are truth then why do they vanish! Truth can be substantiated on the basis of facts but the next question – Who has substantiated the facts? What is the accuracy of the facts which validates the accuracy of the facts?

||Truth is way of time
From where you and me transit
Truth is a holy light
Through which everything sparkles bright||

||Truth is a brook of birth
It washes the entire rook on the Earth.
Truth never differentiates
It vanishes everything it creates||

||Truth is never sweet
It reacts as you treat.
Shall I compare thee to life and death?
You’re there with me beyond wreath||

||There are millions of illusions and myths
Everything is not truth which exists
Truth is way of time
From where you and me transit||

||If you and me do not follow the web of rules
We cannot move and exit.
Truth runs off list of reasons
Its existence with precision||

©-Rajesh Walecha-

Truth Decoded ; I’m sure it may be surprising for some , but this is truth we all are the biological robots created by universe and whenever our holy energy gets aligned with the universe, truth takes birth and exists in harmony with it. We all biological robots follow that alignment, if someone detracts universe and biological robots’ energy that means he has transgressed the truth, will definitely be answerable to universe.

From  here the birth of actions (Karma) starts. Till the time equilibrium does not arise between the truth and actions a biological robot keep facing the challenges during his journey in the universe.    

Hence, whenever you’re doing some action or planning to do some action,if your universal energy does not permit for that particular action; stop yourself there otherwise you’ll transgress the truth and that’ll invite your accountability to the universe.

Truth is the alignment of biological energy with the universal energy-©Rajesh Walecha



9 thoughts on “Truth Decoded…

  1. I believe that truth is only a perspective, it’s affected by our environment, traditions, beliefs, emotions, feelings…But at the end, it should makes our life better it should be harmless and peaceful….whatever it is…

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    1. Absolutely true! We live in a very diverse world and hence often end up having our own versions of what is true and what is not. But whatever our version of truth is, we should always try that it leads to peace. Thank you so much for sharing this thought here and stopping by my blog.

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      1. Exactly! We just should do no harm and respect other beliefs and perspective!
        Thank you for your reply, and you’re welcome, I was glad to interact in such interesting subject!

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