I am trying to write about ‘Truth’. But there is a question which has been bothering me all along :


What is Truth?”



You’re welcome to share your views in the comment section. 

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22 thoughts on “Truth….?

  1. IDK. I know there is always one truth for all things but there are also many truths to that matter. Truth is both subjective but also objective. People can argue about that all they want but my truth is different from yours even though there is one actual truth.

    Objective truths are like 1+1=2. Then there is the subjective kind, the kind that aren’t tangible like feelings and emotions. Then there are the ones that are close to that where your brain formulates a truth even when it isn’t because our brains are good at getting confused. An example of that being the way we remember a memory or something we “know” we saw.

    In any event. I just say I really don’t know but this is what I think.

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    1. Thank you so much Sandra! Absolutely correct! This is exactly why this question is bothering me. Truth can be subjective, objective and contextual too. Truth can be formulated by our brain from time to time on the basis of what it perceives from various situations. What we see, observe also forms the basis of truth.
      Thank you so much once again! Your response will help me a lot.

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  2. Truth is whatever your mind discerns as being real– until it is proven either by outside sources or universal laws. And even then– it’s what you yourself really want to believe or accept, because sometimes those principles outside your personal beliefs are proven wrong.

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