What changes us? Do we really want to change?

These are the two very major questions which impact everyone’s life. Almost all of us are searching something with some fear quotient in our mind. I understand deep substantiation will work over-here. Let us take the ride of this roller coaster thought. Here I go,let us say if anyone is searching job;he is not searching for the sake of it,he is searching it from the fear of joblessness. If someone is searching beauty then he is searching it from the fear of ugliness.

Whatever we are doing or searching is just because of the fear quotient in our mind about the opposite of that search.

What changes us?

Now; the question is what changes us either our aspirations or fear? Most of us change our-self because of fear which we anticipate in our mind every-moment. This act as a fulcrum in everyone’s life.

You will be surprised to know ;those who proclaim about their confidence they feel scared from change. In fact since ancient times human being is trying to dominate just to address fear. Hence it is not the aspiration rather it’s fear which changes us.

Do we really want to change?

I am sure you’ll be surprised to know that no one want to change in this world because by nature human being adapts quickly and thinks that the act of adaptation is a change which he was looking for. We are adapting with the era of technology despite knowing that nature is our mother and we can not survive without it and still we’ve not stopped exploiting nature. With the advent of technology we’ve started dawdled away and do not have plausible answer for our future generations.

Why this happens?

If fear changes us and we do not want to change. What is the reason behind it. The reason is  we are trying to be perfect instead of real and this is making our thinking complex and our life an enigma.

Just be as you are and very simple while thinking ; every good thing will come your way automatically.

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