We all deeply wish to grasp the happiness and that too forever. Ever wonder why we all are chasing happiness with desperation.

Of course ! we all want to catch hold of  but the more we want it the more tedious it gets.I’m sure today you’ll come to know how to be happy always. Before going further,let us add up here it is not only you and me, who are searching happiness.There are countries also, who are competing for happiness.You’ll feel flabbergasted when I’ll tell you that there are countries those who are earning ranks every year for being happy.

Finland is the happiest country in the world as per UN-Report.

We usually snatch our happiness from ourselves because we search it in material things and this act is like searching water on other planets whereas it is present on our planet. Similarly happiness is there within us and we are searching it outside in material things.

Do not worry this is not only with you, it is happening with everyone.The bizarre thing about this is, we all know it but do not want to conquer it. This way almost every one of us has married stress.

We, ourselves are responsible for snatching our happiness. We everyday and every-moment create some reason in our mind and try to snatch our happiness. When we do not have any reason to snatch it, we start worrying. Worry is the dangerous demon who snatches our happiness silently from us.

Before going deep into the concept of happiness; let us comprehend the concept of life. Almost every one of us is in the imposed race of life ; Willingly or unwillingly we all are participating in this race and we do not have any plausible answer for this.

I feel flabbergasted when people ask each other the one very simple question; How are you? What further adds to my surprise is the answer given by the person,”I am good”; despite of the fact that he is wandering in the forest of stress and trying to prove his happiness. This is the trap, where we deceit our-self.

I am sharing 5 ways to be happy which may help you win the Game of life (you’ll not be able to believe number 4).

  1. Never focus on “ME”: Most rather almost all of us are obsessed with this word “me” and we all are working for this word and perhaps sometimes it seems that this is the latent aim of every task executed by every-one around the globe. Perhaps you would be thinking why I am talking about “me” while discussing happiness; yes! you’re absolutely right and I substantiate it in a way that “Happiness does not live in “me” rather it lives in “us”. Hence onward whatever you execute do it with the objective ,”What is there in it for ‘us’ “, you’ll surely feel happy.
  2. Happiness does not need luxury; it is there in DNA: Oh yes ! this world has become competitive enough,everyone is competing for achieving more than others, perhaps this notion has crept everyone’s brain that happiness means luxury but it is not a plausible notion, to add here happiness lives in peace and silence.
  3. Accept the present: A very tough task which is rather impossible in the era of technology; we are in a habit of creating our future and keep pondering about past. In this way we keep ignoring our present, which is the only reality in this universe.Past is irreversible and future is imagination.Understand it clearly, happiness lives in reality and present; not in imaginations of future.
  4. Spread love even if you do not feel it within yourself: Love is the only source of happiness,the more you spread it the more happy you feel. The very important thing to be kept in mind while spreading love, it should be unconditionally spread.Love everything around you equally. The moment you’ll start spreading unconditional love you’ll be enthralled by universe with abundance of love and happiness.
  5. Do not feel stressed when you do not achieve any material thing because their achievement does not prove your intellect: This is the preconceived mind-set that he who achieves more is more intellectual and vice versa whereas it is not like that. He who lives happily is wiser.

The famous London-based artist and animator Steve Cutts very beautifully animated the concept of Happiness. Spare some time and watch the movie for yourself below.



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