He is a killer of confidence and mother of depression,frustration and complex. I am sure almost everyone is living with this dirty demon.

Let me add up here in the earlier centuries at the time of inception of human being on earth,every human being was searching food in the forests, while doing so almost every human came in contact with each other and made tribes which ultimately lead to the societies.Some of the people with canny mindset were smart enough, they have started business of proving themselves right by blending emotions and fear in their talks. They were very smart,they did it without letting people and society know about this.

Let me add up here today we all are living in a world which is trading either emotions or fear. Every thing ,yes; of-course every thing across the globe is sold either connecting it to emotions or to fear. Most of us want to achieve apex of this virtual mountain which is nothing just a heap of virtual emotions and fear and if we can not achieve it we call our-self a fail or an inefficient person without knowing subconsciously that this is just an illusion factory built up by canny people somewhere in the past to prove their viewpoint to earn more.

Hence I’ll say stop worrying about fears and emotions because together they become dirty demon known as fearotions and this demon does not allow you to show the world the Real version of you.


Express the Real version of You to the world and Be Happy.

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