What do you earn standards or Money ?

Since ancient time human being is searching physical matter present on the Earth,exploring every corner of it. I am surprised whatever shines and produces glittering effect has been assigned value by us.

To acquire that shiny object race started somewhere in the past.Acquiring of this material has given birth to tribes,territories and trade.Various colonies had started fighting with each other,captured areas to prove their powers. Those who were able to acquire more were called king and queen. It may be bit wacky but true from here the story of success and failure started.

Since then till today who is acquiring more is successful and treated well by the society. I am putting you in different paradigm and its name is ” Life only paradigm”.

What this “Life only Paradigm”?


We desired life with the perspective of; to enjoy each and everything available on Earth and universe. We’ve been given limited powers to enjoy everything and the important point was while enjoying all these do not wish for them rather raise your standards to have unlimited powers if you wish to enjoy infinity. But shimmering of physical matter has captured us in the cage of illusion and now it is very tough to come out of this.

Raising standards can help us to come out of these illusion cages,I am going to share with you the very secret method for raising standards.

How to raise your standards?

  • If anything attracts you more think before acting, whether it will give you life or  illusion cage.
  • Do not go by majority, I mean to say if most of the people are saying something which does not match your decision do not worry,sometime majority may be wrong.
  • Explore yourself,I mean to say find what do you want to do actually.
  • Upgrade yourself daily in terms of the way you communicate,project yourself and health.
  • Practice happiness irrespective of your mood swings.
  • Curb the habit of criticizing yourself.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and environment.
  • Plan something exciting everyday.

Raising standards does not need money, luxury rather it needs positive perspective for yourself.



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