We came,procured,consumed and felt happy.This is what the majority of people take their life as. In the early morning while sitting in my lawn with a cup of coffee have seen an event and felt flabbergasted about it.Four eagles were flying high suddenly they oriented themselves towards ground with utmost speed they were coming down,looking big and belligerent.This act of their has forced me to think, why they are coming down as there was no prey available for them around my house.

Suddenly,some movement in the lush green area adjacent to my house was there,what I have seen was three monkeys who were scared;running fast and were crying.Witnessing all this I was feeling monkeys are in danger but it was not like that monkeys were also fighting back as it was question of their life

It was a war between hunger and life and to be very precise hunger was looking more powerful as compare to life and there was a fear on the face of life. Eagles were attacking again and again however monkeys were defending themselves with power and finally they won and were feeling relaxed.This scenario has forced me to ponder upon that the whole world is fighting like this only and it seems bit bizarre but true we all have different types of hunger; some of us are hungry for money,Name,Fame and luxury. Beyond this some are hungry for dominance.If we get all this we feel happy,if not we feel stressed.

What I understand almost all of us believe in comparing our life and this thought is the mother of every kind of stress,depression and frustration.Is this the objective of our life? Has universe sent us to Earth just for comparing our-self and feeling frustrated? No,my dear friend I would say big no; because our life is created by God and we have no right to compare his creation with anything, because every creation of God is beautiful and unique.

Once I was reading a holy book which was talking about types of people having different vision exist in this world. One line which forced me to think that most of us have limited vision means we only see within this universe and there is no one and rare one who see beyond this universe and this has given me goose bumps because this thought has given me a new spark and helped me to find the objective of life.

The objective of life is to see beyond with the power of your imagination discover something new for your soul , coming generations and feel happy.The power of imagination is an infinite vision.

Have infinite vision like eagles and fighting approach like monkeys for existence of life and happiness.

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