We are young,smart and cheerful despite of this we live our life in just opposite fashion.We throw more challenges to our-self  as compare to thrown by life. During our childhood all of us keep on thinking that when we will grow up will enjoy up-to extreme and when we grow up fully instead of enjoying we start missing our childhood, start feeling blank in life’s corner.

These blanks are not at all created by life,we our-self create them.Instead of enjoying our life we keep our-self busy in filling those virtual blanks which actually do not exist. In filling those blanks we forget our youth,smartness and cheerfulness however we start feeling our-self as old,ugly and sad.

You know what makes us feel old,ugly and sad;it is the insatiable desire for achieving the structures,degrees and status which are created by the human being,not by life. God has sent everyone naked on the Earth. You know what it means? It means life never treats anyone differently, rather it treats everyone equally.

Whatever blank we create are not merely blanks, they are fireballs which burn our youth,smartness and cheerfulness.Hence from now onward whenever you feel old,ugly and sad just understand you’re living with virtual blanks created by you only.

Let me share a secret for living young,smart and cheerful, which has been kept clandestine since ancient times and the secret is live with your inner child instead of living with fireballs of blanks.

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