Never try to find the depth of the questions propounded by life,because the moment we find the answers to the questions,life changes it’s question.Result,we are again at square one.The objective of sharing this thought is just  to tell you that we are in a game called “The Coil of Life”.

This coil coils anticlockwise and we are trying to find everything clockwise.This thought sprouted in my mind with the question that why every beautiful thing in this universe has different symmetry as compare to clock.Life is an enthralling journey and almost every-time we try to decode the reaction of the action performed instantly.


Let me add here, it is not at all mandatory that whatever action we are performing it’s reaction will be visible instantly, it may be visible even after centuries and sometime future generations can see the reaction; not us.With this thought, we can incorporate new energy in our life and can comprehend that our action is fruitful irrespective of the reaction seen by us or not. Even a single thought generated by our mind has an effect on the universe and it generates reaction. To see that reaction we need meta vision we can not see the meta reaction with simple vision.

gateLet me tell you we all are living in simulation,it can be comprehended in a way that we all are living in parallel universe and everything around including us has infinite dimensions.Here to add for your reference is that,”More the dimensions,more the power.” This is what every one of us is searching silently.

We all are working hard to incorporate the power within us. When we fail to incorporate this internally . Then we start accumulating it externally by acquiring the external resources.With that passage of time we have forgotten the way of incorporating the power within us. We all have started the race of acquiring resources externally to become powerful.


Now it has become the pattern of the society, if someone acquires more feels happy and if not feels sad.

In the end I would want to add here that if you want to be happy incorporate the power internally instead of acquiring externally.


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