We all want power to dominate and that is the only criteria defined by the society to prove anyone successful.But this looks bizarre that society approves success only for those who have material possession. We are here to enjoy,cherish and to live our life happily,but strange no one believe this. Everyone is worried why because others are busy in earning materials.

It is uncanny but true that  if we are in stress and comparing our-self with others that means we are allowing others to hack our life and so the mental piece. Okay ! If you do not believe this; just think for a while silently that who is bothering you the most either others or yourself. I am sure latter will be your answer.

We all are struggling hard for material gains and spending our real power which is life whereas we are not using our inherent powers.We have been gifted with infinite internal powers and these powers are equally available to all of us but strange we do not use them.

Let me substantiate it like this, let us say we all have a beautiful luxury car instead of driving the car if we start pushing that car, will you feel happy?.Second situation is that we are enjoying the drive of the car and enjoying all the luxury available in the car. Similarly life is also a luxury vehicle which has all the facilities inside it for you to be happy.

Hence drive your life with internal infinite powers instead of pushing it hard to attain external powers.Because internal power is real which gives happiness and external power is illusion which gives stress.

You are beautiful and happy from inside hence enjoy your beauty with happiness.

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