We desire,define and demand.When we do all this our wish has to traverse through many dimensions. If our desire is full of strength and can cross all the dimensions,it gets fulfilled. If not so, then remains unfulfilled. This is the reason, usually people say keep doing one day you’ll achieve your goal.

Let me tell you we are living in a knitted matrix of at least sixteen dimensions lattice and we are originally very powerful at sixteenth dimension and can achieve whatever we want and at this dimension our energy is very pure hence question of bad desires does not arise.


Actually on Earth we can see three dimensions of ours and perform up-to the extent of three dimensions.Hence our energy and powers get limited and whenever we’re able to connect with our original lattice of sixteen dimensions,we feel powerful,happy and  rejoice sense of accomplishment.

I know this is hard to believe but this is fact that we can raise our dimensions and so the power however it is not that easy.The prerequisites for doing this is we should be very pure from within and have to streamline our energy. If we can not do this we can’t achieve and sometime if our frequency gets disrupted due to negative thoughts we can lose even these three dimensions.This is the reason society at large advise to do good to accomplish.

Whatever we do, universe reciprocates exponentially in the same manner. Hence I am sharing a very big secret with you

The power of dimensions and magnetic field

“As every planet have its magnetic field which protects them from external attacks similarly human beings also have dimensions and magnetic field which protects them from negative frequency and thoughts.”-Rajesh Walecha

Hence Keep your dimensions and magnetic field intact and strong.

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