We are of-course determined to make everyone happy in this universe. We’ve seen most of the people wait for happiness to come,they feel that someone will come and make them happy. Some of them feel when they’ll accomplish some goal,earn some money,purchase some luxury car and bungalow only than they’ll feel happy.

Most of the people  keep observing either their parallel or most of the time their colleagues and friends; let me tell you this is a big black hole,which sop up your happiness completely.

Okay ! Let me substantiate it like this , if you’re sitting in a room,how would you feel happy? Looking inside the room or outside. If you feel happy looking inside the room then the next question is what’ll you look for and for how long? Of course for variations you would like to see out of the room.

Usually positive variations make us happy.Inviting positive variations do not want money,accomplishing of any goal and buying of luxury they just want a window from where you can see and feel them.

Let me tell you we all are living in a very big room and sky is a big window, see through it, you’ll find profusion of Happiness. A world full of happiness lives there. Whenever you feel sad just look into the sky,it has a big window which only gives the view of happiness.

Are you ready for Happiness,com-eon get it


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