It was wonderful dusk and he had planned candle dinner with his beautiful partner. He was very happy and excited too for the dinner and having imaginations for to make the evening more beautiful. By profession she was an astronaut and was very happy that today she is going to enjoy evening with him and was aware that he will try to make it memorable. She was walking along the beach and was thinking about this. All of sudden a deep blue light shines in the sky and she observes that somebody is coming towards her with strange looks and after this she faints.

When she wakes up find herself in different creatures who do not look like human but their body is same as it is of human. She screams and ask who are you? but gets no answer because they do not understand her language. They put her on translator to communicate with her. They tell her that we know you are an intelligent astronaut and you know a lot of secrets of universe.She screams and ask but who are you? what do you want from me? Why I am here? The stranger says ” Do not worry, feel safe because you have been invited by our chief to give you award. She gets surprised and says “award” means. The stranger tells her you have saved our planet during your travel to space and this way you have saved our generations.

In the mean time their chief enters with changing looks some time good, sometime bad. First he laughs loudly by taking his ugly tongue out of his mouth.Chief touches her and says thank-you young lady. She asks ” Thank-you for what ! He laughs again loudly and says ” Young lady you’ve saved our generations. I am going to award you for this.Chief touches her forehead with deep dark purple color light in his hand. The moment chief touches her forehead,she faints but her brain is active and she is listening, chief says young lady from now onward whenever you’ll snap your fingers, you’ll be able for time travel and you can travel anytime and anywhere in the universe but remember never think for guarantee. The moment you’ll think for guarantee your power will slow down.

After this she wakes up and find herself on the same beach and feels absolutely fresh and recalls she was about to go for dinner with her partner. She quickly moves for the restaurant. The moment she reaches restaurant her partner says you’re on time and looking pretty too.

She was very happy but bit worried and was thinking about that secret power of snapping of fingers. The moment his partner goes for some order at the counter, she tries her power by snapping her fingers, she reaches the other part of the cosmos and listens the sound in the background ” No Guarantee”  ” No Guarantee”  . She quickly snaps her fingers and comes back to the restaurant.

Hmm ! Everyone of us is working hard to earn guarantee.I am taking you back in the time,when we were living in forest and hunting for food. The situation has not changed yet,it is same; only woods have changed,earlier we were hunting in woods and today we are hunting in the concretes’ woods.

Things are changing at the speed of light and so are we.Those who resist change extinct.Every human being is stressed because he is busy in searching guarantee for future. Let me tell you there is no Guarantee. Yes ! You’ve read it correctly there is no guarantee.

Do not search guarantee, snap your finger and travel the universe. Because in this story He is “you” and she is “your spirit” and chief of other planet is your thought.

Only Change is the guarantee. Keep changing with the change.Snap your fingers and enjoy the ride.

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