If we’ve smart looks,we may attract the lot of people but if we are smart from inside we may attract whole world and even universe.

I am sure you would like to opt for second option and like to attract whole universe.It is very easy to opt for second option. Before you choose, let me substantiate the concept to you.

  1. Smart looks : If we opt for smart looks that means we are in love and obsessed with our-self. In that case our personality starts turning a type of egoist personality. The moment we turn egoist we become selfish and love does not exist in selfishness,hence in this case we may attract a lot of people of our type but we can not attract the whole universe.In this case we’ll always be in wanting situation. Universe does not work on wanting theory.
  2. Smart from Inside : If we wish to opt for “Smart from Inside” In this case we’ve to quit the obsession for our-self, try to learn compassion,sacrifice,art of giving and sometime art of sharing the things which we need the most.In this case we’ll be in plenty situation. Let me tell you the secret that universe works on the theory of plenty.

Hence; give more have more always.

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