Whoo-hoo ! Oh My God this thought is igniting, I am not able to stop it at all.Does it exist or we ‘re living in illusion? If it exists then why it changes? If it does not change then it seems we change and if it is so, another thought is, like as every planet in the universe is revolving around Sun and rotating on its axis. It seems we are also revolving around Sun and rotating around our axis. Revolving around sun is causing changes in our mood and rotating on our own axis is causing the age or aging.

The next point which comes to my mind is why other planets are floating in the space and why we’re not.Is gravity working hard on us as compare to other planets or we’re bigger or heavier than those planets as space is not able to hold us. If it is the  case then entire theory changes.I am sure if we’ll relate it to the proven scientific theories it is absolutely different and may be bizarre.Simulation

Subsequently if we talk about simulation then this thought may substantiate itself. What I feel;when we imagine we find our-self in different world and when we execute we find our-self in different world.To me visit to the earth seems a time travel through wormhole.

If we are living in simulation or passing through time travel there is no need to worry because nothing is existing permanently. We’re on an amusement ride and not here for to acquire material things.

Live happily because we’re living in simulation.


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