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Once upon a time,a very dense forest full of wild life was there.A very huge and deep waterfall was adding to the beauty of forest.It was lush green, having beautiful flora and fauna inside it.It is well-known fact, beauty attracts, but distracts too.The forest was full of beautiful vegetation,colorful flowers and fire flies.It was having trees of redwoods,cedar,Banyan and crooked trees.Wild life was prospering there.It was having one fort inside it, which was having a door,which always opened with a code word and that code word was known to the King of that city only who passed away  and so the code word.


One day a tribe was passing through that forest. The tribe was full of resources and hence was successful.The chief of tribe was very much disciplined and his name was Bhombuka  having two wives and two sons name Jhimbola and Buraaka. Jhimbola was from first wife and…

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