You can worry for material things if you were born along with them. I am absolutely sure I was not. Material things are hurdles in happiness of our life.If you think you are here for earning material things then you are deceiving yourself. Self deception leads to sadness.

On the eve of “International Happy Day” we will talk about only one question and that is “How to be happy?


The secret for How to be happy?


Merely by saying to be happy,one can not be happy. To be happy or not,it depends upon you.It is about choice.If you choose happiness you’ll feel happy.Happiness is an emotional state and it can be felt by soul and produced by brain.Brain can simulate happiness if you train him to do so.


Most of us put conditions on ourselves like on achieving some goal we’ll feel happy.Happiness does not want any achievement. You can feel happy even by looking towards the sky,looking at birds or by feeling state of well-being.

How to move ahead for Happiness?

Usually we search happiness outside or around us, which is absolutely wrong approach.Let me tell you happiness resides within.The point is that we can use our thoughts to change our feelings towards happiness.Everyday we should schedule an hour for our happiness.




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