Do you knit words? Do you change words for your benefit?

We speak,relate,create relations with the help of words.Words lead to dialect and language. Broadly we can say the primary tool for communication is words. Language defines culture of a person and society as well. Words always have powerful impact on both person and society. Words are invincible and they definitely boom back. A wee word can create big impact.


Today is the epoch of materialism,to gain more,people are learning to knit words to create more impact and to achieve the desired result may be in terms of gains,promotion and impression etc. Moreover people forget that words will definitely comeback with exponential powers.

We all have been taught that we ought to speak good and truth. The reason for this is whenever these words will come back they will come with goodness and truth-fullness.Physical matter does not exist what exist is energy was determined long ago by quantum physics.Words are also energy. Do not knit the words for instant gain because words crystallize our notions,drive our life and create our future.

We all are form of holy energy hence we should deliver only good energy or words which are full of truth to make our life beautiful.

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