When empowering enslaves you?

We all are stressed,running with high-speed and utmost efficiency.Instead of a biological creature we’re developing into a solar human being.It seems bit uncanny,but this is a fact the moment sun rises we start running and feel that we’re short of time. We’ve to achieve lots of things around us. The moment sun sets we feel contented that now everyone is in rest mode and it is rest time hence no stress.


But a big question arises, what changes takes place in the night that we feel bit relaxed, almost no stress,however things are opposite in the morning.Everyone greets “Good Morning” to each-other but absolutely strange the moment we listen this phrase;we start filling stress in our mind with a big “To DO” list. It takes me to the conclusion that we try to rule the day whereas day empowers us and on the other side we try to surrender in night which makes us passive. Sun empowers us to view the beautiful world and we start trying to rule everything whereas night enslave us and we surrender ourselves to everything for to be ruled.Do not try to achieve everything rather work in a manner that everything wants to achieve you.

Never try to rule a person or entity that empowers you. The concept of life is Enjoy sun rise with excitement and sun set with enjoyment.


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