How do you enjoy watching movies? Do you enjoy watching them while sitting or running? I am sure you enjoy them while sitting. Isn’t it? Do you remember in which posture you’d watched first movie of your life? Have you ever noticed your posture while watching movie or anything which relates to leisure or entertainment?

How it would be that while watching movie,you should plan for earning in between. I am sure it seems uncanny and ridiculous too. Isn’t it? I am sure you would be thinking that who plans to earn while enjoying movie that too of only three hours.


Let me ask you a very strange question ,what we do in our life? Life is also a show for an entertainment that too only of three stages . Unfortunately we’ve made life a race for earning and forget that we are here for leisure and entertainment.

Enjoy life because it is fully sponsored by GOD.

Let us spread enjoyment , share it with your near and dears . I am sure you’ll enjoy sharing.

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