All of us have big aspirations.Everyday,every moment our goals and dreams change so our aspirations. This continues till the time we do not face the reality.Why I am saying this because dreams grow only in hallucination.In reality 99 percent of people admit that the profession they’re pursuing they’ve never planned even in their dreams.That creates big mirage and this way we keep swinging our-self in our dreams.

No doubt that ambition is everything;dreams and aspirations are steps to achieve our aim.Dream does not happen at all what happens is dream.Human being is an emotional creature ,we’re an epitome of mistakes but the biggest of them all is our want to reach our dreams failing to realize we already live in one.

Things do not happen in two situations one when we are lazy;two when we are crazy.We usually dream in two situation either when we’re lazy or when we’re crazy. The biggest hallucination is we’re dreaming in a dream and this makes us sometime lazy and sometime crazy.

Reason for failure of dreams is we dream when we are lazy and plan schemes when we are crazy.Do not be Lazy & Crazy,live your dream fully because you are already successful and your journey to Earth proves this.

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