Everyone is exploring life.Some are exploring to have more and more from it and some are exploring to know more and more from it. Both the acts lead to accumulation aren’t they? Almost everyone around the globe think,plan and act to accumulate more.Everyone is working hard and applying new strategies everyday to have more.

The act of accumulating things in terms of money and knowledge is merely a deception. We deceive our mind by doing so and think that we are successful in life because we have accumulated more.We all are in a race of accumulation aren’t we?Does success really mean accumulation of money and knowledge? It’s a big question and may force many to ponder upon.

What I think accumulation of money and knowledge is conditioning of wallet and brain as per existing norms of the society.

I am presenting a different version of life to you.In real, life is not about accumulation rather it is about dissipation and distribution.More you distribute more successful you’ll feel.He who gives is respected and worshiped across the universe.

Life will give you more if you’ll distribute more.Let’s talk is working hard to distribute inspiration across the globe to make people feel happy in their life.

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