A new-born arrives on this earth with the hope that he will change and conquer the world.Unfortunately it does not happen and he starts fighting back with the whole world to accomplish his desires.During this fight he forgets that his thoughts are getting contaminated.He forgets that when he was born his brain was like a plain paper and that paper has now been covered with the shield of beliefs,principles,thoughts and systems.


He has been taught the theory of possible and impossible and his brain starts following all these things unconsciously and forgets his own objective of life.He forgets that he has certain special talent which was a bliss by universe for doing the good for needful.This way he becomes blind follower of the shield of beliefs,principles,thoughts and systems.

He becomes use to all these shields up-to extreme and feels afraid to cross or think beyond them. He thinks if he will cross these belief,principles,thoughts and systems,society will reject him. This way a kingdom of superstition starts establishing itself in this world. Kingdom of superstition gives birth to false perceptions and approaches which leads to insecurity and failure.

How to overrule the Kingdom of Superstition:

  • Listen others without perceptions: Usually we like to listen which we wish to,this way we distort virginity of thoughts of speaker.We should listen to the speaker beyond the shield of beliefs,principles,thoughts and systems.
  • Do not stifle your thoughts: It may seem bit bizarre but it is true that society  likes domination too and restricts us to adopt innovations.
  • Listen your brain : Majority of us do not listen our brain because we have noise of perception in our brain.

We all have been blessed equally by universe to explore.Hence always remember this ” In Life, you’ve your wings hence take your flight.”

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