Most of us are struggling hard to hug her. She says do not come close to me,my toxicity may mesmerize you.I can not be attained with hard work only. If you wish to attain me, go with the flow.If you will try to move against the flow,you’ll lose the track.Your energy may be depleted.


Things may happen automatically if you work with flow.This world is full of unlimited resources. Do you know things do not happen to us actually we happen to things.As we are looking for things similarly things are looking for us.

As and when we say things are not happening to us, at the same point of time thins start saying we are not happening to them.As this world is full of unlimited resources and natural resources come to us automatically, we needn’t work hard for them. We’ve to just move with the flow.


Okay! interpret it like this; do you work hard for having sunlight ,moonlight and air full of oxygen.For having them you’ve to join the flow.

You’d be surprised to know that future belongs to imaginative and creative people hence imagine and create your opportunities and flow with them success will definitely hug you.

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