Every human being’s wish is to have comfort,luxury,leisure and every good thing in abundance.For achieving all this we all are working hard day in day out like a machine.We all assume that let us achieve all those first and then we will enjoy them.In all this cacophony,we forget that our life moves in and around time triangle of Childhood,Young-age and old-age .In this way we’re not managing the time rather time is managing us in an articulated manner.


In our life whatever we receive ,achieve and succeed is all defined by time.We do not earn comfort,luxury and leisure rather we spend life for them.Life is not meant for spending in earning things which we’ll get even without spending our life for them.

Life is meant for to flow with the flow of time triangle and everything will start coming our way automatically. That does not mean that we should stop our action process rather we should act as per flow of our time triangle.

There are millions of conversations where people say that they have not planned and acted upon for which they’ve got.We see big leaps both backward and forward in our as well as others’ life.Some of them are so surprising and force us to think,how it can happen?Sometime we call them lucky.Whereas in reality the fact is that those lucky people have worked as per flow of time triangle.

Hence flow with the flow of time triangle and you’ll be the luckiest person of the world.

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