RHave you ever interacted with him?There is no doubt that interaction acts as adhesive for every type of relation.Since,ancient times human being is interacting with God sometime knowingly and sometime unknowingly. How do you nurture your relations with people in the society? I am sure your answer would be ” Through Interactions only”

You might think, what is the role of interaction with God in daily inspiration? Let me tell you our mood swings depend upon our daily interaction with God.This thought may seem bit bizarre to you,because we’re living in the era of technology;where everything wants logic for acceptance.Physics has a major role in our daily life;whatever we see and touch is related to physics.Here question arises how physics helps us in “Interaction with God”?

We’re living in a universe which has infinite parallel universe.Actually it is tough to believe in today’s era.Quantum physics,a branch of physics that explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy.Quantum physics tells us about power and also explains that power can not be seen it but can be experienced only.

God is superpower,hence to interact with him we need to tune our-self with him at the same frequency.We should resonate at the same frequency to interact and interpret his message.

Keep doing different because visible is illusion and invisible is life.



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