Life is such a process,the more you try to decode it; the more complex it gets.There is no standard rule to decode anything in life.He, whose strategy gets workable in decoding any situation of life, starts getting followed by people and that strategy becomes  a rule.

Universe is full of variations.Nothing remains same for a second even! Surprisingly, we try planning for years! Variations can not be addressed with a standard strategy. With an infinite amount of variations that it offers, universe is almost an unconquerable competitor. Why not try synchronizing with it?

Whatever looks simple in this universe is rather very  complex. our universe is an illusionist which makes the big appear small;makes the visible, invisible; and treasures its most beautiful phenomenons in a virtual boxes of ugliness. For substantiation, our rather simple looking human body is the result of  the expression of a huge complex mechanism; an atom is an indescribably small entity but which has the biggest role in our lives; air, our seamless friend, whose presence may fail to register but its absence may be our biggest nightmare.

Variations make universe a beautiful spectrum.

We always try to find out variation in every aspect of life and when we do not find it boredom creeps onto us. But my dear friend spotting that spontaneity is nothing less than a fairy hunt, is it? Try using your hidden childhood magical powers, I assure you  that you will spot the array of variations that I am talking about. Everything has  a new story to tell. There is something in the box, try looking closer. Try to know and see beyond .

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