Welcome you to the interactive net series of “Know beyond” !!!


Probably when we take birth,we do not know what the world is all about and that generates curiosity in us to know and we start exploring the world around us.We start asking question from our parents and people around us.


We are like a blank white paper and people write their answers to questions being asked by us.We get answers for those questions which world knows and for which they do not know;they just make a mockery of question raiser.During this 99 percent people stop exploring the unknown horizon because of the perception of mockery.

What is “unknown horizon”?

The unknown horizon is which is not visible anywhere in this world but it is in our hallucination.When you think like why birds fly? Why fish swims? Why trees can not move?Why animals have four legs?What if all animal kingdoms evolve like human beings? These types of thoughts are unknown horizons.


How to know the unknown?

Whatever comes in your mind, try to know that by digging deep through natural intelligence.The moment you will do this; you will find that various dimensions of life are floating around you. If you will find something new; of course you will be  a trend setter.

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