“I know , you know and we all know” this phrase is the reason for every conflict in the world.

Subsequently my question is Do we really know? for which we’re taking stand every moment.We all are illusion ed that we know.We know only which have been told to us and do not know which has not been told.

Hence almost all of us know what we’ve been told.There are very rare people in this world who explore the untold and of course it is not easy to know the untold.

We call visible a life but what about invisible? We keep our self stressed for visible,known and told periphery,what about invisible.There are infinite number of invisible universe,opportunities and knowledge are floating along-with us;but unfortunately we are stressed for visible,known and told things only.

Have you ever pondered upon this thought that for what you’re in race;whether it’s to know the known or to know the unknown.


Knowing the known is pressure whereas knowing the unknown is fascinating.

To know How to know the unknown? Please wait for my next post.

I’ll appreciate your interactions.


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