Heaven is everyone’s desire.Heaven is often illustrated as higher place where God and Angles resides.There is a belief that heavenly beings can descend to earth or incarnate and earthly beings can ascend to heaven in an exceptional cases.Heaven is a physical place far above the earth in a space.Only those earthly beings can ascend there whose heart is full of truth and true love. Closeness to God is known as Heaven.Only pure being can ascend to heaven.

In hallucination,we assume heaven is a place where beautiful vegetation,butterflies and miraculous things exist. I’ve never seen heaven, but what i strongly believe that we altogether can make this earth as Heaven if we’ve true heart and true love for each other.


Most of us keep on searching good things in the outer world which makes our objective of life very complex and leads us to confusion.Whereas the big secret is ; good and miraculous things do not exist in the outer world,they exist within us.We have parallel universe within us.The only thing required is introspection.There are millions of universe floating in the infinite space.

The challenge of stress,hypertension,insomnia and lot of other hormonal imbalances which human race is facing across the globe is because human being has explored the outer world,he has not explored the inner world yet.

Heaven is within and with us,it depends what we explore? outside or inside.Tune yourself with heaven while doing introspection.

Life is “to explore” not “to store”.Live and explore every moment of your life.


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